Archseraph release new single from Upcoming EP

Canadian melodic deathcore/death metal band Archseraph have just released their first single from their upcoming sophmore EP. FFO: The Burial, Hope For The Dying, Monolith, Extol, Fleshkiller


Introducing: Arthure

From: Chicago, Illinois Genre: Djent, Progressive metal, death metal, deathcore Albums: CAPSUL(2015),Frail(2016),Dichotomy (2018) Single: Piety (2016) Members: One man project Record label: Independent FFO: Extol, Chorder, Fleshkiller Facebook: Bandcamp:

Introducing: Cruentis

Cruentis is a melodic death metal Band originating in British Columbia, on the west coast of Canada. Cruentis never shy away from exploring other genres of metal and each piece of work is unique in its own way, while maintaining dark melodic chord progressions and bone-crushing riffs. The lyrics are deeply rooted in the personal life... Continue Reading →

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