Introducing: Arthure

From: Chicago, Illinois Genre: Djent, Progressive metal, death metal, deathcore Albums: CAPSUL(2015),Frail(2016),Dichotomy (2018) Single: Piety (2016) Members: One man project Record label: Independent FFO: Extol, Chorder, Fleshkiller Facebook: Bandcamp:


New Release: Cruentis

Album Title: Alpha & Omega Genre: Melodic Death Metal Album length: 35 Minutes Record Label: Nosral Recordings For fans of: Extol, Becoming The Archetype, Fearscape, Fleshkiller Album review courtesy of "The Metal Resource":  "Alpha & Omega stands on its own showing a band that is not afraid to expand their sound and has the ability... Continue Reading →

Introducing: Cruentis

Cruentis is a melodic death metal Band originating in British Columbia, on the west coast of Canada. Cruentis never shy away from exploring other genres of metal and each piece of work is unique in its own way, while maintaining dark melodic chord progressions and bone-crushing riffs. The lyrics are deeply rooted in the personal life... Continue Reading →

Introducing: Searching Serenity

Searching Serenity is a melodic deathcore band from Jacksonville, Florida who formed in  December of 2013. In March of 2015 the band put out their debut self-titled EP. Then in 2016, they put out their second EP titled "Mortifer: Bearer Of Death". As of March 2018, Searching Security is a solo-project, with Robert Bloebaum being the... Continue Reading →

New Release: Monotheist

Album Title: Scourge Genre: Progressive Death Metal Album length: 61 Minutes Record Label: Prosthetic Records Amazon: Bandcamp: Google Play: Amazon CA: Apple Music: Prosthetic Records:

New Release: My Place Was Taken

EP Title: Imperables Genre: Deathcore Album length: 18 Minutes Record Label: Rottweiler Records For fans of: Impending Doom, Fit For A King, For Today, A Plea For Purging, I Am Heir Bandcamp: Noisetrade: (free track) Facebook:  


On Tuesday night, I interviewed Daniel and Matti of deathcore band All Have Sinned from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We discuss upcoming music,gear and the faith that drives this band. Jeffrey: Hey, hope you’re doing well. I want to start this by telling us your name and role in the band? Daniel & Matti: We are... Continue Reading →

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