South African black metal band annoujnce new album

  Archseraph release new single from Upcoming EP

 Chaotic Hardcore band Snakehound announce debut full length album

Impending Doom release new music video

Introducing: Dens

Introducing: Rise, My King

Introducing: Arthure

New Release: Wait For The Day

Ex. members of Confide,form a new band and release debut EP

New Release: Burdened Hearts

New Release: Grave Robber

New Release: Cruentis

 Bismoth release new artwork

 Introducing: Perceive//Persist

Former drummer of BoughtXBlood forms a new band

Introducing: Send the Advocate

Introducing: Cruentis

Introducing: Searching Serenity

 New Release: Monotheist

Introducing: We Are Victory

New Release: Returning His Crown

New Release: My Place Was Taken

New Release: Where Fire May Fail

New Release: Toarn

Introducing: Good News We’re Dead

Introducing: XII Minutes

Introducing: Bloodlines

Rottweiler Records sign R.A.I.D

Former vocalist of The Burial joins new band

Where Fire May Fail release first single off upcoming EP

As Lions and Lambs release new single after 2 years

Upcoming Christian metal band sign with Coalesce Records

Taking The Head of Goliath to release self-entitled EP

Bismoth set to release new album

 I Am Heir release new live video for “Uncondemned”

Monotheist Sign with Prosthetic Records and release new lyric video off upcoming album

Rottweiler Records sign Decayed Existence

Vultures Shall Gather release debut EP

When Forever Ends release debut full album

Deathcore band Toarn release new music video “Jonah”

Progressive metalcore band release single featuring Micah Kinard

 Black metal band Bismoth releases EP The Road

Reformers release new single after 4 years

The Worshiper release long awaited single “14:30”

REVERIE release new single off upcoming EP

Former Sinners To Saints Vocalist Starts New Project

 Suid release promo song to foreshadow upcoming EP

 The Worshiper signs with Raging Storm Records

War of Ages release third single off new album”Alpha”

 Christian metalcore Ecclesiast gearing up to release new single off debut full-length album

 Melodic deathcore band WhatDrivesTheWeak comes out hiatus and signs with Sancrosanct Records

Mexican deathcore band My Place Was Taken signs with Rottweiler Records

Impending Doom give a sneak to their new album at live show in Texas

Phinehas sign with Solidstate Records and release 3 singles off forthcoming album “Dark Flag”

 DIRE release single “Put It To Death” featuring Ryan Kirby off forthcoming ep “Depths”

Melodic metalcore band War of Ages release first 2 singles off upcoming album “Alpha”

Apollyon  release new video “Deny”

For All Eternity release single off upcoming album “The Will To Rebuild”



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