Upcoming Christian metal band sign with Coalesce Records

SoCal based Christian metal band A Lion Among Men have signed a record deal with newly formed record label Coalesce Records. They are due to put out some videos along with some music.

Here’s what Mark(vocalist) had to say about signing with Coalesce Records;

I’m humbled, I’m blessed, I’m broken. I’m a bit intimidated. I’m joyful, I’m joy-filled. I’m hopeful, I’m hope-filled. I’m pleased, but yet not surprised. I’m caught up in a daze and dumbstruck. I’m whole. I’m sincerely happy to have signed with a record label, this incredible team – Coalesce Records, a new record label that sought out this ministry, A Lion Among Men. And in the most literal, authentic, and genuine way; they saw my heart, saw my passion, and felt it for the broken, for the bleeding, for the suffering, for the sufferers, for the dying, and for the dead…

I am so excited because one of my dreams has become true and real. A vibrant journey, my friends, awaits all of us. So I pray: O Kingdom of Heaven, would you come. Permeate a world like this. We join our hearts with your cry, O Lord: Thy Kingdom come to earth. Thy will be done, as it is in Heaven.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ALionAmongMen7/

Under-construction: https://coalescerecords.com


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