Monotheist Sign with Prosthetic Records and release new lyric video off upcoming album

Progressive Death Metal , Monotheist announced that they’ve signed with Prosthetic Records and will be releasing their new album “Scourge” on March 16. The album was produced by Aaron Smith of 7 Horns 7 Eyes(Shiv’s bandmate).

Here is what vocalist JJ “Shiv” Polachek ( also of 7 Horns 7 Eyes) told Metalsucks:

“Monotheist is made up of multiple people with different worldviews. Though it started as a very Christian band, it no longer could be accurately labeled that way. [Monotheist guitarist] Prophet very much still retains his faith, but he set me to write a song reflecting my own views, and ‘The Grey King’ is the result. A view of a universe that could be softly related to existential nihilism, if you had to call it something. It’s not scary or hopeless, but peaceful and with much knowledge to scrape from the battles that took place there. It’s an understanding of my own insignificance, and the lack of any narrative in the universe. It’s a freedom that I own, even if my kingdom is just grey, and only now made of the things I build it up to be myself. My intent is to rebuild myself better through it. Through a lens of self-criticism, with a goal of material understanding so I can contribute to justice on a human level however possible. Other songs on the album have largely been written by Prophet, and indeed reflect his views. This one is all mine, however. It all contributes to the great tapestry of sounds, thoughts, and influences that make up this album.”

1. The Grey King
2. The Great Chain at the Neck of the Earth
3. Mark of the Beast I: The Image (Prelude)
4. Mark of the Beast II: Scion of Darkness
5. Infinite Wisdom
6. Desolate, It Mourns Before Me
7. Abominable Acts
8. Scourge


For fans of: 7 Horns 7 Eyes, Lamentations, As They Sleep

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