This week I had the pleasure of interviewing vocalist Hunter Babcock of Wolf Skin.Wolf Skin are a metalcore/melodic hardcore band from Sioux Falls,South Dakota.We talk about upcoming music, faith and lyrical backgrounds.

Jeffrey:  Hey, hope you’re doing well.Great to have you here. Tell us your name and role in the band?

Hunter: My name is Hunter and I sing for Wolf Skin.

Jeffrey: How long have you guys been making music?

Hunter: I’ve been making music since as long as I can remember but we as a group have only been playing music for about 2 years. 

Jeffrey:  What are you biggest influences and what elements do you pull from them?

Hunter: Musically? Bring Me the Horizon is my all time favorite band so I find a lot of inspiration in just about every single thing they do. But also, whatever is going on in my life. I write and create what is happening in my life to share.

Jeffrey:  What’s the history of Wolf Skin? And what inspired you to form the band?

Hunter: I’ve always loved music and have known that I’ve wanted to do this for a long time. It’s definitely my dream. I started this band my senior year of high school and have been kickin’ ever since.

Jeffrey:  How did you guys meet each other?

Hunter: Endless connections.

Jeffrey:  What is the meaning behind the name Wolf Skin?

Hunter: It was just a song title that I thought sounded cool, knowing I wouldn’t keep it as the final name, but never really took the time to think of anything else.

Jeffrey:  How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard of you before?

Hunter: Well our EP is so far from who we are as a band. Alex and I wrote it when we were the only members besides Jake in the band, and Jake wasn’t even in the studio.Our LP is a much better representation that we cannot wait to share with everyone.

Jeffrey:  How was the writing and recording process for your debut EP Low Spirits?

Hunter: It was kind of crazy. Alex basically wrote the whole thing. I write all the lyrics but wrote two songs instrumentally. It was just a big mess that we ended up polishing with the help of Jim.

Jeffrey:  What is the story behind Low Spirits? And could you also the meaning of the song “Free Life”? I was very intrigued when listening to it.

Hunter: I wrote the album “Low Spirits” after the worst time in my life. Over the course of a year for two, I had lost my best friend, my family, my ex girlfriend, my grades, and all sense of reality. I was such a mess, it’s embarrassing thinking about it.“The Free Life” is a song I wrote about my best friend who assisted in a double murder along with burning the house down with them inside. It’s some rough stuff.

Jeffrey: I know some of you guys are Christians, do you guys share your faith from the stage or just let the lyrics and music do it? How do you incorporate faith in your music?

Hunter: I follow Jesus to the best of my ability, and I am in this band because of Him. I genuinely believe this is what He created me for. My lyrics may not always be or seem Christian but in one way or another, it’s definitely in there. If God puts it on my heart to write about it, it’ll be on the album. 

Jeffrey: What’s next for Wolf Skin now that Low Spirits is out? Are you guys writing new music or planning tours?

Hunter: We have an entire full length ready that we’re dying to release. Planning an insane tour as well. 

Jeffrey: When you guys are not touring or making music, what do you guys do with your free time?

Hunter: We all work or go to school. Pretty boring really. See our friends and family.

Jeffrey: Awesome! That’s all I got for you.Thanks for doing this. Do you have any final words you’d like to share?

Hunter: Stay on the lookout for our upcoming full length. We are incredibly excited to share it with everyone.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading this. Hopefully we get to see you at a show!

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