Here’s an interview with new formed band REVERIE.We discuss their new song “Home”, faith and upcoming music. Enjoy!


Jeffrey: Hey, hope you guys are doing well. Tell us your names and what instrument you play in the band?

Bryson: I’m Bryson and I do the harsh/main vocals.

Justin: Hey man! Justin McGough and I play guitar!

Jacob: Jacob Grimmett- Bass and vocals

Chic: Chic Estose – drums

Jeffrey: I would like to start this by discussing your musical background? How long have each of you guys been playing your various instruments/doing vocals?

Bryson: I’ve been doing vocals for about 3 years with a year of that being in Reverie before that it was just a “for fun” kind of thing where I would just scream along to music to try and better my sound. Before vocals I was strictly a guitar player I started guitar when I was 8 or 9 so music has definitely always been a pretty big focal point for me.

Justin: I was about 14 years old when my parents bought this crappy Sears guitar for me for Christmas, and a year later I gigged it out for the first time and thought it was the coolest thing. So, it’s been about 13-14 years since I’ve gotten involved with this scene.

Jacob: I’ve been playing bass and guitar in both worship and rock/metal bands for about 10 years. I’ve been singing for a little over 5 years.

Chic: I’ve been playing drums for 11 years. I started off playing drums at church when I was in youth group and taught myself from there.

Jeffrey: Tell us the history of REVERIE. Specifically, how did you guys meet and when was the band formed?

Justin: Oh man! This is such a long story haha. I was at work doing my normal duties and this kid comes up to me and his words were “I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS” my initial response was “yeah man we’re cool!” Truthfully, I couldn’t remember who he was. So, we go on to chit chat the rest of the day about our musical tastes and end up going grocery shopping together after work. Later on, that week I end up at his and fiancés house and we started creating music. Now a year later he’s our vocalist haha.

Jacob: I just happened to go to the same college as Chic and when Reverie needed a bass player he was awesome enough to remember me from way back when and gave me a call.

Chic: I started listening to Convictions way back when they released their first few singles and then came out to some shows and met Justin. Justin and Bryson were trying to start up Reverie and after going through some drummers no one was a good fit. Justin remembered that I played drums, so he messaged me and told me about Reverie and I joined them.

Jeffrey: Is there any special meaning behind the band name?

Bryson: The meaning of the word is “being lost in ones thoughts” it’s just something we felt best fits what we are doing with this band we just want ourselves as well as our fans to get lost in our music. I specifically want to make every one of our listeners think about something like they’re not just listening to music but the music is making them “feel” if that makes sense.

Jeffrey: How would you describe the sound of REVERIE for someone who has never heard of you guys?

Justin: Melodic ambient metalcore

Jacob: I would call it melodic hardcore with a bit of post-hardcore vibe to it. Think if Silent Planet and old school Underoath had a love child.

Jeffrey: What were you biggest musical influences growing up and how does that affect your sound?

Bryson: I grew up listening to bands like For Today and The Devil Wears Prada and those kinds of bands always stuck out to me and this genre in general stuck out to me because in the bands I grew up on you could tell with every piece of music they put out it had a reason behind it had a meaning behind it nothing was done just to put out music it all had a purpose and that’s definitely the way I write lyrically there’s nothing I’ve written that doesn’t have a purpose.

Justin: Senses Fail, Dance Gavin Dance, From First to Last, Underoath

Jacob: For me it was definitely Underoath and The Devil Wears Prada that gave me my roots. A lot of the riffs and fills that I do can attest to that

Chic: When it comes to metalcore drums my biggest influence has been Aaron Gillespie for sure.

Jeffrey: You guys recently released your debut single “Home”, how was the writing and recording process?

Jacob: Actually home was our first song written as a band about a year ago! The writing was so quick and natural. The truth is home is our only song where we haven’t gone back and revised it. A lot of our other songs we change because in our heads we’ll hear a certain riff played differently and it makes it so much better. Home was interesting because the skeleton of the song was basically written when I joined on. But as we jammed and got to know each other as a band, some of the parts really started to flesh themselves out. The chorus completely changed with the addition of my cleans and the addition of Psalm 61 once we started to really dig those post hardcore moments.

Jeffrey: What’s the story behind the song “Home”?

Bryson: “Home” is telling the story of somebody who has no direction in their life and they’re just kind of following the crowd because they think that’s the cool thing to do so they are really living their life without purpose they don’t have any passion for what they do which is something that’s always bothered me, and I wanted to really portray the way I personally feel when I meet someone who for example bash’s religion for no reason other than that’s what their favorite band or bands do.

Jeffrey: I know you guys are a Christ-centered band, what does that mean to you guys and do you think that limits you as a band as far as outreach goes?

Justin: Personally I think being the type of band we are it makes our outreach limitless. The chance we have to speak love into hearts or to introduce people to real encouragement and honesty is opportunistic every night we play out.

Jeffrey: Would you mind briefly sharing how you guys came to have faith in Jesus?

Bryson: For me when I was growing up religion in general is just something that really never came up the only person I was close with that even went to church was my grandmother when I was a kid in my family it was “you’re a kid just go be a kid and have fun” and that’s really the way I was until me and my fiancé had our daughter which was really a big turning point for me I can’t really explain it but when my daughter came into my life something just clicked inside of me and I knew that this is what I wanted to do with these guys I just want to put out meaningful music and hopefully we can be that band that someone can look to the way I looked at bands like For Today.

Jacob:  I was raised in a Christian home and have had a relationship with Jesus since I was young. I fell into the typical late high school/early college slump and became heavily involved in pornography and chasing unhealthy relationships.

God brought me through that and has restored me in those areas and blessed me with an amazing wife. I think God has given us each a testimony and that we can share that through music and through our interactions with others.

Chic: I grew up in a Christian home and going to church and youth group, but I started getting really serious about my relationship with Jesus when I was in high school and going to church camp every summer.

Jeffrey: Do you guys have any personal convictions as Christians that you’d like to share?

Chic: For me, just like anything else I ever do with my life, I want to preach the gospel through my relationships and the love I show others.

Jeffrey: Now that your debut single is out, what’s next for you guys, any plans on touring soon?

Bryson: We are focusing on perfecting the rest of our material and really buckling down and getting ready to start playing shows as far as touring and stuff like that we’ve talked about doing weekend runs and stuff like that but we’ve all got full time jobs and families to provide for Justin got married last year Jacob got married earlier this year and I’m getting married soon so were not  really looking to go out on month long tours or anything like that but were definitely gonna be doing a much as we can while maintaining  our family/home lives.

Jeffrey: When you guys are not making music what do you guys like to do for fun?

Justin: When I’m not in band guy mode I’m sitting at home enjoying my days with my gorgeous wife and our bad dogs haha oh and playing Xbox. I dare someone to try and play me in NBA 2k18. GET AT ME!

Jacob: I write a lot. I have a pretty deep passion for poetry which you will see weave in and out of our future material a lot. That and Battlefront.

Chic: When you guys are not making music what do you guys like to do for fun? Well when we’re together when we’re not practicing we like going to crappy Chinese restaurants HAHAHA. Me personally, I like going to baseball games ,disk golf and playing with my puppy.

Jeffrey: What bands are you guys into at the moment?

Bryson: Personally, I am into Silent Planet very heavily I swear those guys can’t put out anything that isn’t flawless Garrett is definitely one of the best front men in our scene it just goes back to everything having a purpose all those guys have emotion in everything they do.

Justin: Right now, for me the new like moths album has been 🔥🔥🔥 definitely going to still be jamming this one in 2018.

Jacob: Shokran, Silent Planet, Periphery, Currents, Wage War, and Fit for a King

Chic: The new album Conveyer released this summer is fire.

Jeffrey: Awesome! That’s all the questions I’ve got! Thanks for doing this!



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