Those Who Endure is 5-piece progressive death metal/deathcore band from Queensland,Australia. I took time out on Saturday night to talk with their front man to discuss his band’s history, faith and upcoming music.

Jeffrey: Hey, hope you’re doing well. I want to start this by you telling us your name and role in the band?

Peter: Hi Jeffrey.Thanks for approaching me for the interview.My name’s Peter, I’m the vocalist and lyricist as well as founder for Those Who Endure.

Jeffrey: How long have you been doing vocals? Do you play any other instruments?

Peter: I’ve been doing extreme vocals since about 2006 when I first ever tried doing vocals to a friend’s project. I do play other instruments, guitar and bass. It helps with composing ideas for the band and with other music endeavors.

Jeffrey: What were you biggest musical influences growing up and how does that affect your sound?

Peter: Growing up?Hmm that differs over the years a little but when I was 17 years old I bought the albums “Undeceived” by Extol and “The Hammering Process” by Living Sacrifice.Nowadays they still influence me heavily, but I have a lot of other music that drives me and my passions that include many bands from Death Metal and Black Metal genres.

Jeffrey: What are some of those Death Metal and Black Metal bands that you are currently influenced by?

Peter: Death Metal – Revulsed, The Famine, Becoming the Archetype, Gojira, Beyond Creation, Sympathy, Gorod, Hour of Penance, Miseration, A Hill To Die Upon, Cattle Decapitation, Origin, Abominable Putridity and Paroxysmal Butchering to name a few.

Black Metal – Crimson Moonlight, Antestor, Slechtvalk, Be Not Betrayed and Departé.

Jeffrey: What is the background of Those Who Endure? When did the band form and how did you guys meet?

Peter:After a few failed attempts at joining bands which would never see the light of day, I decided to start my own metal band in 2007.I met or our original drummer, Caleb Rigby many years before at a local show of a band we mutually like, and I met the rest of the guys through Church and advertising for the right musicians.Which lead to our current line up.

Jeffrey: What is the meaning of the band’s name Those Who Endure?

Peter: I derived the name from James chapter 1 verse 12 in the Bible.

King James Version (KJV)12 “Blessed is the man that endureth temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him.”

So, it’s saying that we choose to stand for Him even when trials come.

Jeffrey: How would you describe your sound to someone who randomly stumbles upon your music and is curious what you sound like?

Peter: Brutal, progressive, groove saturated metal with tempo and time signature changes laden throughout.

Jeffrey: You guys released a two-song EP entitled The Sweet Poison I believe in 2014. How was the writing and recording process?

Peter: Yeah, we did that in March/April 2014. Those two songs I had the lyrics and specific ideas for the music for a while before we went into the writing process. Once I was confident in the direction and skill of the entire unit we began working on my ideas and composition. We were fortunate to have access to an incredible facility for the recording and it is something I absolutely love doing.

Jeffrey: What’s the story behind the EP and what’s your favorite track from it?

Peter: When we did that single, it was aimed to set up for our album.Personally, the two songs are different enough that it’s hard to choose between them.The Sweetest Poison hold a special place for me though as that has laid the foundation for the discovery and exploration of our sound.

Jeffrey: Would you mind briefly sharing the meaning of the song The Sweetest Poison?

Peter: The lyrics are about purity from sexual immorality and pornography, as well as not tempting others to sin.

The internal battle faced by an individual to have freedom and knowing that Christ is the best weapon in that battle.

Jeffrey: You are a Christ-centered band, and I know that you might also get some backlash from Christians who don’t think Christians can play metal and glorify God at the same time, what does being a Christ centered band mean to you and do you think that limits you as a band as far as outreach goes?

Peter: Yeah, we have honestly encountered more opposition from Christians like you described than from unbelievers.We prefer to be more involved in the regular scene after such interactions from Christians.

Outreach is something that takes wisdom and kindness and on top of that genuine friendship.

Jeffrey: Would you mind briefly sharing how you came to have faith in Jesus?

Peter: When I was 16, I was drug addicted and alcoholic.It was affecting my health.My older brother had been a believer for some time and on new years eve he spoke to me about salvation.You see, I’d been searching for the truth for over a year and looked into several different faiths.Well his words opened my eyes and heart and he led me to Jesus right then and I haven’t looked back since.

Jeffrey: What’s next for Those Who Endure? You guys have been talking about writing new music, how’s that going?

Peter: We are working on the new album and I’ve set up a studio for ourselves and we are doing pre-production right now and have enough songs for an album so it’s just a case of refining the songs until we have something we are truly excited to release.

Jeffrey: When you’re not doing music, what do you like to do with your free time?

And are you a full-time musician? If not, what do you do full-time?

Peter: I have a few hobbies, extreme sports but I still spend a lot of time doing music and honing my skills on bass and guitar including for my side project.While it is my hope to become a full-time musician, it is not the case at the moment.My day job is a Sheet metal Tradesman and specializing in stainless steel work.

Jeffrey: Tell us more about your side project? What direction do you plan to take it musically?

Peter: My side project is called Disassembled Macrocosm.It’s more toward a musical direction I am very passionate about.Death Metal, more specifically Technical Death Metal with elements of brutal, prog and blackened death thrown in as well.At the moment it us just me and I am writing a lot of lyrics and the music is a slower process, but I am enjoying it a lot.

Jeffrey: Awesome! That’s all the questions I’ve got for you! It’s been a great discussion. Thanks for doing this! Any final comments you’d like to share?

Peter:  If just like to express my gratitude to you for reaching out and for the support of the fans and scene. Finally, to Christ for the opportunity to do what we love most.

Thank you so much.

Jeffrey: My absolute pleasure! Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to talk. Greatly appreciated. I couldn’t more stoked for new music for you guys!


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