The Worshiper signs with Raging Storm Records

North Carolina-based metalcore band, The Worshiper have joined forces with Raging Storm Records found in Lynchburg, Virginia. Raging Storm Records just relaunched after a short hiatus but they’re on the right path of becoming a major record label.

They join the likes of BoughtXBlood, who have been gaining gradual attention in the past few years, hence them playing with RED on October 20,2017.

The Worshiper takes influence from the likes of As I Lay Dying, Oh Sleeper, August Burns Red, Fit For A King, Silent Planet, For Today and Phinehas and add their own sharp riffs, heavy breakdowns and sing-a-long choruses.
Here’s what Jon Locket, A&R for Raging Storm Records had to say about them:

The worshiper is a breath of fresh air to the Christian metal scene. Their heart for God and others, alongside Their musical talent, will take them far in the industry.

Guitarist Wesley Moore added:

We are very honored to be working with the most humble and persevering team I have met in a long time. Signing with Raging Storm not only means signing to a label, but growing with a family. I am eager to be apart of a group of people who share not only the same passion for music, but for Jesus Christ.Working with Raging Storm Records opens up our future. We will meeting more people, touring more, and recording a full length album underneath them.”

While they’re putting the finishing touches on their new single “14:30”, check out their their older stuff.


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