YOUR MEMORIAL-Your Memorial [EP-2017](Review)

Release date: November 10, 2017Cover

Record label: Facedown Records

  1. Degenerate
  2. Embers
  3. Anchor
  4. Regenerate
  5. Steadfast

As 2017 draws to an close we say a painful goodbye to yet another great Christian metal band, Your Memorial. Your Memorial are a metalcore band from the twin cities of Minnesota formed in 2008.

They self released their debut album “Seasons” and immediately caught the attention of Facedown Records, signed to them and put out their next 2 records “Atonement” in 2010 and “Redirect” in 2012. A year after touring for “Redirect”, they decided it was time to slow down from touring and focus on their personal lives, so they only played local shows and Facedown fest. In 2017 they announced they were back but this time for a final record and they’d put Your Memorial to rest once and for all.

The first track on their final EP is “Degenerate”. “Degenerate” is one of their heaviest on this EP and one their most progressive songs. The lyrics of this song seem to deal with corruption and how it leads to the downfall of a nation.

Embers is the second track on the EP. This song starts of like a melodic metalcore song but immediately transitions into a hardcore beat, like Gideon. Around the middle of the song there is chugging section accompanied by clean vocals which just fits perfectly with the song.

The final three tracks are; “Anchors”, “Regenerate” and “Steadfast”.

“Steadfast” is the last song on the EP, and is very melodic. The song has a Hands/ Everything in Slow Motion vibe to it, and that’s probably because these guys are label mates and good friends. This song’s lyrics deal with going through trials and pain in this life and knowing that we have redemption in Christ and one day all sadness will fade away.

“All things, every trial and pain One day will all fade away We know the narrow path leads to redemption Though all shall fade, hope still remains”- Steadfast

Overall this is a great EP though I wished it would have been a full length album. Your Memorial have ended their run as a band in perfect style. Best sure to check their final EP.

Your Memorial will always be one of my favorites metalcore bands.

Rating: 4.5/5

For fans of: Hands, Everything in Slow Motion, Gideon, For All Eternity, Phinehas, Forevermore, For Today


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