Christian metalcore band Ecclesiast gearing up to release new single off debut full-length album

Ecclesiast, Missouri-based metalcore band are band that are still quite new to the Christian metal scene since they formed only in January of 2015.

Despite them being new to the scene, they hold so much promise. In 2016, Ecclesiast immediately caught the attention of Christian metal label Sancrosanct records and signed with them to release their Self-Entitled EP. It’s only been a year since the release of their debut EP and they are already planning to release their first full-length album.

Until then been on the look out for a new single from them, this single is very different from their previous work but still has that unique Ecclesiast sound to it, the screamed vocals are much deeper now and even have deathcore-ish sound to them and singing has also improved. Keep your ear to the ground and till then jam out to their Self-Entitled EP and their latest single “Naysayers”!

P.S: Naysayers is not the song this article is about.


For fans of: Demon Hunter, Dire, I Am Heir, War of Ages, Gideon, WhatDrivesTheWeak



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