I Am Heir Uncondemned EP(Review)


1. I Am 3:42
2. Mindset 2:49
3. Uncondemned 3:35
4. Take It Back 3:41

In recent years there has been a drastic decline in new Christian deathcore bands and the rest of the bands already in the genre are slowly fading away either by disbandment, hiatus or not touring much anymore because they have higher priorities i.e. family so it’s always refreshing to see new bands arising still raising the banner of Christ-centered deathcore high. I AM HEIR, from McAllen, Texas, who have surprisingly been a band since 2011 and had originally planned on releasing their EP Uncondemned in 2012 but they put it off for an alarming 5-year period. After taking a listen to the EP you’ll see it was well worth the wait as I consider it as one of my top EP’s of 2017 alongside supergroup Nothing Left’s Destroy and Rebuild.

Through out vocalist Matthew Klein show-cases his versatility with a great transition from high pitched growls to low brutal gutturals and the groovy instrumentals adds even more flavor to the songs.

Uncondemned is a stellar release for a debut ep and with I Am Heir recently signing to Michigan-based Christian metal label SANCROSANCT RECORDS I only see the future being bright for this deathcore band with a burning passion for spreading the love of Jesus.

For fans of: Impending Doom, In the Midst of Lions, For Today


Listen to the ep here:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IAMHEIRofficial/



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